Summer Camp

Each summer we run a summer program for children aged 2.5 to 5 years. Starting at 8:30am children have the opportunity to join us for a 3 hour or 4.5 hour (with lunch) program.

Our summer camp programs runs for 6 weeks in the summer beginning after the Canada Day long weekend and ending the week after the Simcoe Day long weekend in August. There is a two week minimum to attend the Summer Program. We have two groups in the summer: SUNSHINE ROOM and RAINBOW ROOM each featuring family groupings.

The cost for Summer camp is:

2 days $85, with lunch $105.

4 days $150, with lunch $200.

There is a 2 week consecutive minimum for children new to our program please.

We're closed Fridays in the Summer unless it's a STAT holiday. For those weeks will be open on Fridays.