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The Creative Preschool of East Toronto provides a secure, stimulating and flexible environment in which children may develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. We help children and parents deal with the process of separation and learn that school is a fun place to be.

Since 1979 we have provided an environment in which children develop social and thinking skills through arts, crafts, drama, puzzles and free play activities. We use a whole language and whole math approach that stimulates language and math concepts in every activity. Our science and critical thinking activities encourage children to think of unique and creative solutions in collaboration with others. The adults assist the children as they develop group skills, the ability to problem solve and self-discipline.

As a non-profit centre we provide children with the opportunity to interact with other children and learn social skills to prepare for the larger world around them.

Our board of directors is made up of volunteer parents who are responsible for the running of the corporation while early childhood education staff is responsible for implementing an educational program to achieve the objectives of the preschool.


Our Mission

For almost 40 years, preschool has been our flagship program. Our award winning teachers and preschool curriculum has a loyal following within the East Toronto community and continually generates a wait list of interested parents. Our preschool program includes two classrooms with 22 children per class aged between 2.5 and 4 years. There are 3-4 adults per classroom resulting in a 1:5 ratio, far better than Ministry requirements.

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Our Programs

Our program is founded on an ‘Emerging Curriculum’ approach wherein activities evolve following the children’s interests. We offer morning and afternoon preschool as well as an early birds program and school age after school care.


september 2019

“Thinking of the CPS family as G heads off to her first day of JK today. Thanks so much for helping prepare her for this new phase. I think the transition went smoothly due in large part to your wonderful caregivers and valuable skills she learned at Creative.”

The O Family


Our Team

At The Creative Preschool of East Toronto we are so fortunate to have a strong team of educators, many of whom have also been CPS parents! Our team is passionate in their approach to early learning and allowing children to succeed.