Lunch Program

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Lunch Program

Parents of children who attend our lunch program feel good knowing that their kids are getting a nutritious lunch, and learning about table manners, social norms, and healthy eat. Our parents also find that their children eat a wider variety of foods after attending our program. Our nutritious menu, which is entirely trans-fat free, is based upon a 4 week rotation of meals that always includes protein, carbohydrates, milk, fruits and vegetables, teaching children to eat a wider variety of foods. We are able to accommodate cultural or allergy restrictions with meals made to look like that from the regular menu, so as not to make children feel alienated. Please talk to the office about your child’s dietary needs.

Our lunch program is open to morning preschool children (who would stay for lunch after their preschool program is complete) and afternoon preschool children (who would arrive for lunch before their preschool program commences).

After lunch the children returns to free play until children begin afternoon preschool or go home.

Our lunch menus can be viewed under the CPS FAMILY LOGIN section or by seeing our display on the information board in the school hallway.