Afternoon Preschool

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Afternoon Preschool


Eligible Ages: 2 1/2 to 4 years (though suggested age is 3 years and older)
Program Schedule: Monday through Friday 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm (3, 4 or 6 hours  - with optional lunch and extended program)
Attendance options: 2, 3 or 5 days a week
Adult-Child ratio: 1 to 5

At the request of many parents, our exceptional preschool program is now available in the afternoon!  For more than 30 years, preschool has been our flagship program, and our morning program is always oversold. Expanding to afternoon preschool allows us to serve even more families in our community. Our afternoon preschool program includes two classrooms with up to 21 children per class. Children aged between 2.5 and 4 years are eligible for this program, though most of our children are 3 years or older when they start the afternoon program. Like our morning program, there are 3 to 4 adults per classroom, including 2-3 teachers and participating parents, resulting in a 1:5 ratio, far better than Ministry requirements.

Our program is founded on an ‘Emerging Curriculum’ approach wherein activities evolve following the children’s interests.

The afternoon begins with ‘free play’. Teachers allow an activity to expand over time, which gives the children the opportunity to develop a more complete understanding of the activity and to build self-confidence. Children may choose gluing, painting or drawing at the easel, as well as math and language activities. We have a wide range of puzzles and fine motor activities, ranging from simple to complex. As children progress, more challenging materials are made available. We rotate sensory activities including centres based upon sand, water, snow,  play dough, pasta and beans to name a few . Children try out new roles in dramatic play and dress up, get involved in large and small block building and various interlocking construction materials, explore the science and nature tables and play with the doll house. At the end of this segment, children learn to tidy up together. Following tidy-up time, children prepare for stories and songs including scheduled structured music time with percussion instruments with a certified music teacher and then enjoy a nutritious snack. Each morning includes outdoor play, weather permitting.

Throughout this program, teachers model and encourage empathy, acknowledging feelings, and problem solving so the children learn to express their needs and handle their own conflicts. Children learn to be away from their caregivers, follow routines, listen to others’ ideas and take turns contributing to group activities. Relative to the morning preschool program, our afternoon program focuses in particular on preparing children for kindergarten and socializing with others on a more mature level.

Classes are balanced taking into considerations factors such as friendships, age, gender, and special needs.

Please contact the school if you would like to speak to a parent about their child’s afternoon preschool experience!

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Additional Program Options:

Lunch (11:30-12:30): CPS offers a nutritious lunch program, which instills in young children table manners, social norms, and healthy eating. Our menu, which is entirely trans-fat free, is based upon a 4 week rotation of meals that always includes protein, carbohydrates, milk, fruits and vegetables, teaching children to eat a wider variety of foods. We are able to accommodate cultural or allergy restrictions with meals made to look like that from the regular menu, so as not to make children feel alienated. Please talk to the office about your child’s dietary needs. Please talk to the office about your child’s dietary needs. 
Preschool Plus (3:30-6:00) (demand pending): Afternoon preschool students are encouraged to stay as late as 6pm. Extending your child’s preschool experience into the late afternoon will expose them to even more of our award winning curriculum and a new set of peers and experiences. It also allows parents a bit more time to do what they need to do in the afternoon and early evening.