Afterschool Explorers Club

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Afterschool Explorers Club


Eligible ages: JK-Grade 3
Program schedule: Monday through Friday, 3:00pm (or whenever school ends) to 6pm
Attendance options: 1- 5 days a week
Adult-Child ratio: 1:8  to 1:10 depending on the grouping. Ministry ratio 1:15.

The Afterschool Explorers Club is a new program, modeled along the key elements that made our “Afterschool Club” so popular in the past, but with some tweaks designed to address the needs of busy families and the development of their young children. Afterschool Explorers Club is specifically designed for children from JK to Grade 3. Students are picked up by CPS staff at the end of their school day (we offer walk-over service from Wilkinson; transfer from other area schools is demand pending) and can now stay at CPS as late as 6pm, to accommodate busy parents.

Like our preschool program, the Afterschool Explorers program is also based upon the Emerging Curriculum philosophy, wherein activities evolve following the children’s interests. Children may join in crafts, games, active, constructive, and socially interactive play. This program allows children to pursue their own interests after a full day of structured education at school. We will offer many activities for the children to choose from which they can work on alone or as part of a group. We will follow their lead. We incorporate relaxing  and challenging physical activities such as yoga, outdoor time, music and movement.

While many public schools are offering before and after school programs, we believe there to be a number of benefits to the CPS program. Our outdoor walkover and variety of play activities ensure that children in our program get physical activity every day. Further, we believe there are substation benefits to young minds from being in a new location with new peers, versus staying in the same facility all day. Further, our program is set in a recreational classroom setting with many sensory stations, versus other programs which are often in a gymnasium. Finally, our program boasts the benefits of parent involvement and better-than-Ministry-requirement adult:child ratio (1:10 versus 1:15 in elementary schools).