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Adult-Child Ratio

 To be licensed as a day care requires certain adult-child ratios – at Creative Preschool we exceed these at all age levels. Below is a list of the required ratios and the actual adult-child ratios at CPS:

  • for children 2 ½–5 years the required ratio is 1 to 8 – CPS has 1 to 5
  • for children 5–6 years the required ratio is 1 to 12 – CPS has 1 to 7
  • for children 6–12 years the required ratio of 1 to 15 – CPS has 1 to 7 

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 We closely manage children with limited diets due to allergies or food sensitivities. We post the children’s name and limited foods in the kitchen and each classroom. Only food with the ingredients specified in writing are served in our school at snack time. Catered lunches may be adapted to suit individual children. Peanut, nut and sesame products are not allowed in our school.

Please see our policy on anaphylaxis, under Policy Documents.

Outdoor Play

 CPS is fortunate in being adjacent to Phin Park which is a beautiful fenced public park with sand, grass and swings. The children enjoy the changing seasons, there is space to run, and in winter we always enjoy playing in the snow. All children will have well-supervised and safe outdoor play.

Special Needs

 Children with special needs are naturally part of our school population. We have successfully included several children over the years, and most of the children are aware and accepting of individual differences and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

We have access to a Resource Educator and Child Care Support Funds through Toronto Children’s Services which support the successful inclusion of a child with extra support needs. This can include developmental delay, social, emotional, behavioural and physical challenges.

Toilet Training

 Usually half of the preschoolers wear diapers at the beginning of a school year. By January, about one fourth of the children remain in diapers. We encourage children to use the washroom at regular intervals and suggest to parents that when their child is able to go shopping or to the park without a diaper then they can come to school without a diaper. We don’t rush children out of diapers too early. Parents pay $5 per month into a diaper fund if their child is wearing diapers.

Parenting Course

 We offer a six-evening parenting course based on the book, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk, by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. This course is open to the community at large as well. We are available for private parent-teacher meetings to discuss children’s progress and parenting concerns. We provide formal assessments of children and referrals to appropriate services. We allow younger siblings to accompany parents on participation days. Our regular email updates keep families informed of upcoming events and includes articles regarding early childhood development.